FAQs Music Together® Online

Welcome to Music Together Online Session Classes Starting the week of  April 13, 2020

Please keep this email for your reference and keep your codes and access confidential, as they are not to be shared.

How to access your Digital Music and Songbook

 Your MT access code was mailed to you in a previous email. Call us at 718-229-0033 or Contact Us if you need help.

Click link to access directions for creating your Music Together App and/or Family Music Zone Account

How to access your Music Together Online Classes

Visit MusicTogetherWithMusicandMe.com

  1. Go to Enrolled Families Tab
  2. Click on Portal
  3. Enter Your Log in Information, (request info as needed if you forget)
  4. Keep your log in info to access portal for all of your classes
  5. Click on Music Together Online Classes Tab, and click on the join class link to get to join your zoom class
  6. Your teacher will allow all enrolled families  in from the waiting room, and class will start
  7. There is no recording of families in class to ensure everyone's privacy
  8. We would love if you would share pictures of your at home music making in our private facebook page.

Additional Information

You will receive your hard copy of you beautiful keepsake songbook, and CD, when we are able to meet again in person.

If we are able to resume classes in person before the end of this semester, we will do so.

If families wish to remain in class online for the entire semester, even if classes resume in person, we will keep some Music Together Online Classes available for you.

Thank you and Enjoy.


Wendy DeAngelis, Center Director