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Many families still remember us as Mommy, Music, & Me, inc. since 2003
We cherish the time shared making music with your family!
We welcome, value, and appreciate your thoughts.
"Hi Wendy, I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to share a bit of information with you, And please feel free to pass it on to your families in Music Together®.  Aurelio has been taking piano lessons for a year now, and his instructor has been amazed at how he has picked up reading the music and how he comprehends the music. So he asked me if he ever had any other formal exposure to music before. So I informed him he was in a music together mommy & Me program for a few years. He believesthat that early exposure to music is what helped Auriello grasp the reading of music and his understanding at this young age. So I want to just give you a heartfelt thank you  for an amazing program which has had lasting effects on Auriello. Thank you, thank you!! We appreciate all you do and are forever grateful for you and the music together program!!! You are a true blessing!!! Many blessings to you and your family."
- Nancy and Aurelio P.


We were curious and asked our Music Together families some questions.

A sample of 2018 Survey Says!...

2018 Anonymous Survey Sample

"My kids and I have been enjoying your classes for the last 4 1/2 years. I love this quality time with my children, and they love making music! I think music is wonderful for promoting speech development, and I recommend Mommy, Music, and Me to anyone looking for a mommy and me program.


-Amy Schecter,MD

"Attending classes with my 5 month old son has brought me more enjoyment than I could have imagined. I always thought that I would have to wait until he played sports to "bond" with him, but Music Together has shown me differently. Watching him handle the instruments, dancing with him and seeing him smile during the songs has been a truly amazing experience"

 Michael's Dad



" My husband said that if we weren't taking this class, we wouldn't know what songs to sing to Brynn !"

Brynn's Mom


Brynn's Mom

"Our family first came to know Wendy & her amazing staff in 2006, with our oldest child's speech therapist. In short, it was love at first song. Not only were we having a great time at every class, but we were amazed at how quickly her speech blossomed. When it was time for her to start preschool, the thought of her not being part of such a developmentally-appropriate music program was unbearable. So we convinced the preschool to bring in Music Together as a weekly enrichment program!

We have since brought two more of our children into the Mommy, Music & Me family. Our weekly classes are a vital and highly-anticipated part of our schedule. All the teachers, role-modeled by Wendy herself, are tuned-in to each child's vocal sounds, body movements, and musical progress. Moreover, the theories and research behind how things are run in a Music Together class are well explained to the adult laymen. Indeed, I have learned a tremendous amount about my children's development as a result of these classes. Thank you to Wendy, Ginny, and the entire MM&M staff for a wonderful 6+ years!"


Chana Rachel, Elisheva, and Batya's Mom

-Dorita K.

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your care and encouragement throughout the past semester for Joseph. He has grown so much and loves music class as much as I do. From the little boy who cried to the little dancer I see in my living room, I am so grateful to you and the Music Together program. We will see you on Friday! All the Best."

Joseph's Mom



"Music Together class at Mommy, Music & Me provides both vocal and physical stimulation. It's fun energetic twists on music and vocals provides an excellent linguistic environment. Truly a class well done! Venus Steinman, M.A.,CCC-SLP."

Aida's Mom



"Ever since Olivia began Music Together classes at Mommy, Music & Me, she has gained awareness and recognition of life’s simple treasures. Whether it's clapping her hands to the sounds of raindrops or singing a song about what she wants to eat for lunch, Music Together has clearly brought out her creative spirit and has tickled her imagination.”
 Olivia's Mom



I feel all parents should give their children the priviledge of learning the language of music, the sooner the better. My son has been part of Mommy, Music & Me/Music Together since six months, and clearly is communicating through music as a result of this class. He is 18 months, and already keeping a beat, dancing and sounding! The musical sound "Ba Bum" is part of our daily lives when putting toys away...only people who attend class will know what I mean...the program is a real gift." 

Luke's Mom



"Thank you Mommy Music & Me for giving our 1 year old son and family such a wonderful soothing tool. Originally, we thought the class would help stimulate him and be great for social skills. However, it’s been much more than that. It has been a great transition in the car and to get him to sleep. When he is hysterical or just cranky, the familiarity of the songs and patterns helps him relax. It’s amazing how the results are almost immediate and much nicer than most “cry it out” methods we were told to use. We will continue to use music in his life forever. Thanks again."

Luca’s Mom



"My 19 month old son is really responding to the chants. It is our first session and I see his own music making evolve into little sounds and gestures. He claps and sings to the CD. I just knew this would be a great class for him!"

 Nathaniel's Mom



"Your music has brought joy into our hearts and light into our eyes."

 Tyler's Mom



"My 2 1/2 year old twins are better people because of your class!"

Jack & Julia's Mom



"Abigail has thrived-singing the songs wherever we go! She's learned so much. We love this program. (Baby brother Jayden now enjoys class too!)"

Abigail's & Jayden's Mom



"I can't believe that my 10 month old son really gets excited and moves to the beat when I play the CD at home!"

Giovanni's Mom



"I get to have a great time in class bonding with my 7 month old daughter, and my 4 1/2 year old son gets all the benefits when we make music at home. He requests his favorite songs!"

 Sydney's and Scott's Mom



"My children and I love Music Together classes. We've been enrolled for numerous semesters already. Anytime my toddler or infant are cranky or crying singing these songs always put smiles back on our faces."

 Jason's & Sofia's Mom



"Cosette loves to listen and sing to the music at home. Even baby Ava smiles! That convinces me that the class is great! "

Cosette's & Ava's Mom



"I can't believe how fast our son responded to the songs and expressed himself in dance on his own. We have many new favorite songs!"

Shaffer's Mom