03132020 Sticks Song Collection Class Cancellation

Hello Everybody! 

What a difference a day makes. 

We have always created and cherished our community of music makers. Due to the current Covid-19 global pandemic, now is the time for our community of music makers to make our music at home for the greater good of every community.

Music Together® with Music and Me will not be holding classes for the remainder of our current Winter Song Collection.  Your Makeups will carry over to next semester.

Today is the reality of having to put a PAUSE on making music with you and your families in person. Music remains a powerful source of joy, healing, learning and fun! 

The good news is that in these last 9 weeks you have been guided by Nini, Adrienne, Dulce, and Joy through an enormous amount of ways to use  your Music Together® songs, and songbooks to SING, DANCE, PLAY, and LEARN at home! Your songs will bring smiles to all daily home activities: meals, bathtime, naptime, dance time, and anytime! When looking for kitchen instruments, be sure to check all edges and ability to break before having your child/ren use them. Your child/ren may be stronger than you think! Keep up the good music making.

In addition to your family music zone access, we will be creating a private facebook group for currently enrolled families and will be holding some short Musical interactions with your teachers on Facebook LIVE.  This will be a way for us to stay connected until we are all able to return to class. That information will be sent in another email.

I will personally be available to every family that wants to discuss their child's musical development, or just sing the Hello Song! 

Please reach our via email or phone us at 718-229-0033 with any questions.

All Classes Cancelled/Postponed through this current 11 class session :

  • CANCELLED Saturday March 14, 21
  • CANCELLED Sunday March 15, 22
  • CANCELLED Monday March 16, 23, 30
  • CANCELLED Tuesday March 17, 24
  • CANCELLED Wednesday March 18, 25
  • CANCELLED Thursday March 18, 25

PENDING: Spring Maracas Song Collection 

  • Thursday April 2 first day of first week of classes 
  • Spring Holiday Break: Thursday April 9 through Friday April 17
  • Classes resume Saturday April 18

IF there are changes to this schedule you will be contacted and it will be posted on our website and FaceBook.

We are all part of an exceptional community of music makers!  I know that Nini, Dulce, Adrienne, Joy, and Ginny join me in thanking each of you for all the music we have created, and for all the music will wil continue to make when we return from this PAUSE.

Warmest Regards,


Wendy DeAngelis, Center Director