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November 19, 2020- Tonight we celebrate and give thanks with a DANCE PARTY as we get ready for the WINTER 2020-2021 Bells Song Collection with classes starting on Nov. 30, 2020 after Thanksgiving.  We are very grateful to you!
August 31, 2020- Today we start the the FALL 2020 Bongos Song Collection for Mixed Ages, New Parents Babies Classes, and Rhythm Kids Online!
August 24, 2020 - Congratulations Summer Kazoo families on your joyful participation in making our time together about you and your child/ren, understanding that you follow the teacher's lead and your children engage freely as children naturally do. April 13, 2020 - Music Together Online - Spring Maracas Session began and our community of music makers continued in joyful song, dance, and play! Here is a sample of what our beloved MTOnline families are saying about thier experience. March 13, 2020 - due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic all Music Together with Music and Me classes, (founded 2003 as Mommy, Music and Me, inc) were put on pause.

Hi Wendy, 

Thank you for sharing our experience with other parents. Its interesting to read this (prior quote after Spring MTO see below, this is after Summer 2020), after a few months since we were back to the online class.

Jason has changed alot since then.  He talks more and sings more.  He likes playing with the instruments especially shakers and drums.  He knows every song in the albums from the previous four semesters.  Sometimes during our story time, he took the books one by one from the bookshelf and asked me to sing from the first song to the last one.

His current favorite music class routine is singing lullabies, he will lie downwith his stuffed animals, cover his eyes with hands, and pretend to sleep.  And the most exciting moment in every class is always at the end when the teacher says, "Wake up!".

Music in the class also connects us with other kids. When I sang Tiny Tim to Jason at the playground, two boys around echoed us and they started to play together. Running into online classmates in the real world is a bonus especially at this time.

There are still many interesting experience which music and the class have brought to us.  Thank you for your efforts and work. We look forward to the new semester.

Have a good weekend! -Jaihong

Jaihong, Jason's Mom

"I  took my son Joey to his first Music Together class July of 2019 I instantly knew that the class was something that would engage him he loved the songs the movements and I played the songs  for him in the car a lot. Now  July 2020 we are taking the on line music class his a bit older 2 and a half  and I was concerned because of it not being in person but he is humming a long singing and doing the movements.  He loves playing the drums  or playing a horn any movement that  the Teacher does  It’s a great program and I highly recommend it. Wendy is also amazing and is always available for anything you may need. 

Thank You"
Elizabeth and Joey Queens NY

"MTONLINE has been a crucial aspect of our little guy's socialization during this time. With both my husband and I working from home, it has been difficult to coordinate schedules to call friends and family. MTO allowed for my little guy to continue building his skills and his relationship with his teacher and classmates, as well as meet the other teachers and children due to the unlimited class drop-in feature. The 15 minute block is not only perfect for his attention span, but also for a quick break to step away from the work computer. We are so glad to be apart of the MTO family...and it truly feels like a family!" - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Henry's Mom

"Almost every evening my 2yo daughter puts on a “concert” with some of the songs she has come to love with Music Together. She especially loves to play her toy guitar along with her Music Together teacher Ms Nini whom she gets so excited to see every week. We are so grateful that Music Together so quickly found a way to keep the music alive for our families during this challenging time. Thank you Wendy and all of the amazing Music Together family! You have my permission to share." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Eliana's Mom

"We were nervous about how our daughter would react to the online format (she always loved the live classes), but we can't get over how engaged she's been. She loves seeing Nini and the other kids in the class. The class length is perfect for her. At 2.5, longer than 15 minutes online and she gets antsy. We also love that the classes are offered at different times. Although we usually do the session at 9, it's great knowing that if we have a conflict she'll still be able to do the live class." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Genevieve's Mom

"My son has recently been diagnosed with mild autism and having music really gets him excited and focused. He responds very well to his teacher Dulce who is absolutely amazing. He loves to clap and demo the hello and bye song for us constantly and he listens to the music when he's upset to calm him down. Not enough good things to say about music together but thank you for continuing to offer it online!" -  Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family

L's Mom

"MT Online has been a godsend during this time when my kids could not attend school/daycare and see their friends and teachers everyday. It’s very difficult to maintain a schedule at home all day but they look forward each day to 9 or 10 am music class which has helped them stay focused on learning during this time of quarantine." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
John & Thomas' Mom

"We really enjoy the classes. While my son just started to say some words and doesn’t sing at all currently, he already knows how to find the app and stream it on the speakers. When he wants to listen to the music, he will indicate by clapping his laps. He not only enjoys the music, but also the routines. When I say” bum bum” and wave my hand like how Nini does in class, my son knows it’s time to say bye bye to whatever in his hands. As a parent, it’s fun to observe all of the small changes and interactions. We did not join the online classes at the beginning because I was not sure if it worked like the inclass experience. However, during those no-class weeks, he played the music app numerous times and I know he missed the classes. He was so excited to see Nini again online and now he is asking to join the class everyday. We appreciate the efforts of Wendy and all the instructors. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful music experience." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Jaihong, Jason's Mom

"Music Together has been a blessing during quarantine for our toddler. The connection to music and his teacher has been a remarkable consistency in this uncertain time. I have seen tremendous language improvement and he is learning the movements done consistently in every class. I find him singing parts of songs and asking for the Hello song often. Thank you =)" - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Joshua and Jack's Mom

"Olivia absolutely enjoys her music classes with Dulce. She might not engage during the entire class but I know she feels Dulce’s positive energy throughout. So when I ask my daughter who’s class she prefers to join (music with Dulce or class with her Nursery School) Olivia always prefers Dulce. Absolutely grateful for the flexibility offered as we continue to work around the issues we’re facing. I couldn’t ask for more." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Olivia's Mom

"Having the online classes gave my son a sense of consistency. He recognizes his teacher and looks forward to the class. He moves around and mimics some of what is done in class just as much as he would have if we were in person. I'm grateful for's a sweet break from all that is happening around us." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Jair's Mom

"Gives us the opportunity to focus on one another thru song and dance and make memories." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family

Julia and Briella's Mom

"Positive impact: Connecting with some familiar, trusted faces for our child, who may not fully understand why we are currently separated from friends and family." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Joanie's Mom

"Thanks to Music Together, my child has flourished musically and it has been so much fun to see her transfer the classroom activities into daily life! Thank you for introducing the foundation of music to her at this stage in her life." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Kaitlyn's Mom

"Build and enhance bond between mom and child, encourage kids to be more open, and expressive, this also helps raising more happier kids." - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Summer's Mom

"Engaging, quick, fun" - Maracas 2020 MTOnline Family
Stella's Mom

Music Together Online Global News  Jodi Howard brings MT Online to Canada!   

Well Done Dear Jodi! xoWendy

Music Together with Music and Me - Classes On Location

"Hi Wendy, I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to share a bit of information with you, And please feel free to pass it on to your families in Music Together.  Aurelio has been taking piano lessons for a year now, and his instructor has been amazed at how he has picked up reading the music and how he comprehends the music. So he asked me if he ever had any other formal exposure to music before. So I informed him he was in a music together mommy & Me program for a few years. He believesthat that early exposure to music is what helped Auriello grasp the reading of music and his understanding at this young age. So I want to just give you a heartfelt thank you  for an amazing program which has had lasting effects on Auriello. Thank you, thank you!! We appreciate all you do and are forever grateful for you and the music together program!!! You are a true blessing!!! Many blessings to you and your family."
- Nancy and Aurelio P.

A sample of 2018 Survey Says!...

Question: What Surprised You about your experience in our program?

"How much fun it is for all ages",  "She is learning music So Fast", "How much music the kids make at home",  "We enjoy all the Music", "How many of the songs my toddler remembers from past classes and we've been taking class for 2.5 yrs", "How fun it is for the Parents"

2018 Families

"The world was different for my son after he started music class! He loves singing, playing instruments, dancing, and listening to music. He is able to "lead" us in his own "class" at home and also explore music by himself. This class has sparked an explosion of creativity and expression for him."

2017 Family

"My son loves this music class. He has delayed speech and I feel that this class has helped him tremendously"

2017 Family

"This is a great program and I recommend it to new parents. We started when my daughter was 6 months old and she is very attached to music now. As she grows she has requested piano lessons (we will start at age 5) and tap because she wants to dance and make music at the same time. How wonderful."
2017 Family

"Our son really enjoys his weekly classes with Nini- we can see how much he loves to sing and dance after each class!"

2017 Family

"Both my husband and I come from musical families, and whether we are at home cooking dinner, playing with our kids in the backyard, or driving in the car, music is always on. Taking our son to this class has been a really fun activity for him, and a way to extend our family's love of music. He really gets engaged with the class, loves to shake the egg shakers, throw around the scarves, go for a lap ride... It's really been a great experience and if we weren't traveling so much this summer, we'd enroll for the summer session, but we plan on returning in the fall!"

2017 Family

"My son gets so excited to go to class. It is a bonding experience for him and my husband. I am pregnant and a stay at home ok so it gives me a break to rest and them a chance to bond and have fun."

2017 Family

"My kids and I have been enjoying your classes for the last 4 1/2 years. I love this quality time with my children, and they love making music! I think music is wonderful for promoting speech development, and I recommend Mommy, Music, and Me to anyone looking for a mommy and me program.

-Amy Schecter,MD

"Attending classes with my 5 month old son has brought me more enjoyment than I could have imagined. I always thought that I would have to wait until he played sports to "bond" with him, but Music Together has shown me differently. Watching him handle the instruments, dancing with him and seeing him smile during the songs has been a truly amazing experience"


Michael's Dad

"My husband said that if we weren't taking this class, we wouldn't know what songs to sing to Brynn!"



Brynn's Mom

"Our family first came to know Wendy & her amazing staff in 2006, with our oldest child's speech therapist. In short, it was love at first song. Not only were we having a great time at every class, but we were amazed at how quickly her speech blossomed. When it was time for her to start preschool, the thought of her not being part of such a developmentally-appropriate music program was unbearable. So we convinced the preschool to bring in Music Together as a weekly enrichment program!
We have since brought two more of our children into the Mommy, Music & Me family. Our weekly classes are a vital and highly-anticipated part of our schedule. All the teachers, role-modeled by Wendy herself, are tuned-in to each child's vocal sounds, body movements, and musical progress. Moreover, the theories and research behind how things are run in a Music Together class are well explained to the adult laymen. Indeed, I have learned a tremendous amount about my children's development as a result of these classes. Thank you to Wendy, Ginny, and the entire MM&M staff for a wonderful 6+ years!" -  Chana Rachel, Elisheva, and Batya's Mom, Dorita K.
2006-2012 Family, Dorita K

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your care and encouragement throughout the past semester for Joseph. He has grown so much and loves music class as much as I do. From the little boy who cried to the little dancer I see in my living room, I am so grateful to you and the Music Together program. We will see you on Friday! All the Best." - Vita


Joseph's Mom

"Music Together class at Mommy, Music & Me provides both vocal and physical stimulation. It's fun energetic twists on music and vocals provides an excellent linguistic environment. Truly a class well done! " - Venus Steinman, M.A.,CCC-SLP


Aida's Mom, M.A.,CCC-SLP

"Ever since Olivia began Music Together classes at Mommy, Music & Me, she has gained awareness and recognition of life’s simple treasures. Whether it's clapping her hands to the sounds of raindrops or singing a song about what she wants to eat for lunch, Music Together has clearly brought out her creative spirit and has tickled her imagination.” - Krissie, 2005 Family
Olivia's Mom


I feel all parents should give their children the priviledge of learning the language of music, the sooner the better. My son has been part of Mommy, Music & Me/Music Together since six months, and clearly is communicating through music as a result of this class. He is 18 months, and already keeping a beat, dancing and sounding! The musical sound "Ba Bum" is part of our daily lives when putting toys away...only people who attend class will know what I mean...the program is a real gift." - Stephanie


Luke's Mom

"Thank you Mommy Music & Me for giving our 1 year old son and family such a wonderful soothing tool. Originally, we thought the class would help stimulate him and be great for social skills. However, it’s been much more than that. It has been a great transition in the car and to get him to sleep. When he is hysterical or just cranky, the familiarity of the songs and patterns helps him relax. It’s amazing how the results are almost immediate and much nicer than most “cry it out” methods we were told to use. We will continue to use music in his life forever. Thanks again." - Adriana


Luca’s Mom

"My 19 month old son is really responding to the chants. It is our first session and I see his own music making evolve into little sounds and gestures. He claps and sings to the CD. I just knew this would be a great class for him!" - Jen, 2003 Family


Nathaniel's Mom

"Your music has brought joy into our hearts and light into our eyes." - Ingrid



Tyler's Mom

"My 2 1/2 year old twins are better people because of your class!" - Beth

Jack & Julia's Mom

"Abigail has thrived-singing the songs wherever we go! She's learned so much. We love this program. (Baby brother Jayden now enjoys class too!)" - Denise


Abigail & Jayden's Mom

"I can't believe that my 10 month old son really gets excited and moves to the beat when I play the CD at home!" - Josephine


Giovanni's Mom

"I get to have a great time in class bonding with my 7 month old daughter, and my 4 1/2 year old son gets all the benefits when we make music at home. He requests his favorite songs!" - Janice


Sydney and Scott's Mom

"My children and I love Music Together classes. We've been enrolled for numerous semesters already. Anytime my toddler or infant are cranky or crying singing these songs always put smiles back on our faces." - Mel


Jason & Sofia's Mom

"Cosette loves to listen and sing to the music at home. Even baby Ava smiles! That convinces me that the class is great!" - Sandra


Cosette & Ava's Mom

"I can't believe how fast our son responded to the songs and expressed himself in dance on his own. We have many new favorite songs!" - Suzanne, 2003 Family


Shaffer's Mom


Music Together with Music and Me